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Guangdong province Ke Bao hardware products factory Brand
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Dongguan Kebao Hardware Factory was established in October 2002, located in the Central District of Guancheng City. Kebao Trading Co., Ltd. mainly cooperates with other enterprises in the development of push plant products, including automotive accessories, car washing and cleaning supplies, and plans to sell them. After more than two years of continuous growth, Kebao Hardware Factory has advanced modern equipment and mature production lines, hubs, pull line production workshop, die casting production workshop, stamping production workshop, chains and so on. Production workshop production products include: copper and iron chains, jewelry accessories, gold-plated handicraft, gifts, wire technology, toy accessories, handbags accessories, clothing accessories, goat's eyes, chicken's eyes and other related professional production plants, and has the ability to develop, so that products continue to innovate. Products are mainly sold to the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and European and American countries. We serve customers with professional knowledge and sincere attitude. Corporate Idea: Enhancing understanding, exploring experience, bold practice, pioneering innovation, striving for practical effect, exploiting market by technology, basing itself on market by quality, gaining market awareness by service, practical experience, innovative quality and effective service. Welcome letters and calls from business people from all walks of life for consultation! Order samples!
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Contact:   Mr. Ye
Addr:   China  China  Fifth Industrial Zone, Jinxia new village, Changan Town, Dongguan, Guangdong