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Business Model
"Baijiayi" pants brand < br /> < br /> "Baijiayi" is the brand of Guangzhou Langwei Garments Co., Ltd. Langwei Garments is a pants apparel company that integrates design, production and sales. Since its inception, the company has grasped the market positioning accurately, while adhering to the principles of innovation, pragmatism and trustworthiness. Bound to seek development in stability. Under the forerunner's market vision and opportunity, Baijiayi pants brand has been established. Baijiayi, the company's main brand, is invited to join the Baijiayi brand in the process of < br /> < br /> shop selection with fashion, personality, conciseness, generous unique style, excellence quality assurance, good reputation and national franchisers < br /> < br /> br < br /> franchise process < br < br /> shop selection. Location-Pre-prediction-Risk Assessment-Store Design-Construction Scheme-Employee Training-Goods Display-Marketing Skills

Reasons for Investing in Baijiayi Brand

1 People have a variety of choices when they wear clothes, but the lower half is not trousers or trousers!
2 trousers will accelerate the wear and tear due to actions such as walking, sitting and lying, so as to update and speed up sales. The < br /> 3 trousers have different matching needs because of the different changes of the jacket, and different styles of trousers should be < br /> in different occasions, so as to further increase the demand for trousers. < br /> 4 Pants stores have high volume and low risk: pants wear out of season slowly, little climate change, basically no off-season sales. All people have consumption in all seasons. < br /> 5 "Baijiayi" pantsuit stores with simple operation and "unlimited money" pantsuit stores have a pleasant image and exquisite display of the goods! There is no excessive requirement for store area, scale of decoration, investment and experience. Partners should simply copy the successful model of the company and help you build your business and accelerate wealth accumulation. The advantages of

joining Baijiayi

There are almost no similar business models and brands in the region. It can be said that there is no homogeneous competition in the market, high-quality goods, preferential joining policies, unified image promotion, unified store image, unified national retail price and efficient goods. Flow distribution, strict regional protection, quality after-sales service. < br /> < br /> We pay more attention to the culture of quality, service and wearing pants ~ "Buying pants is not just for wearing!" Mr. Xu, contact person of

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