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Beijing Zhong Cai Tian Xing Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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Beijing Zhongcai Tianxing Textile Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating natural and functional cotton yarn textile products research and development, design, production and marketing. It takes the development of "environmental protection, green, ecological" products and promotion of organic green marketing as its business philosophy. Its products include organic cotton (organic colored cotton, organic white cotton) and yarn. And fabric (knitted, woven). . At present, there are two major color systems of organic color cotton suitable for terminal product development: brown and green. If other colors appear, they are fake products. Natural colored cotton fibers are soft and feel good. Their clothes are soft and natural, simple, pure and comfortable. They cater to people's pursuit of natural color and give people a sense of returning to nature. Organic natural color cotton is most suitable for developing skin-close products, such as underwear, shirts, T-shirts, pajamas, bras, socks, towels, home textiles and infant products, which make it the second healthy skin of human beings. At present, the physical properties of colored cotton, such as fiber fineness, strength and elongation, are similar to those of white cotton. According to its physical performance, our company's existing products are as follows: 1. Colored cotton shuttle fabrics: more than 600 types (plain, jacquard, poplin, satin, stripes, plain, twill, plaid, checked, corduroy, jeans, bubble yarn, spandex, Oxford, Tencel blending, moisture absorption and perspiration...) 2. Colored cotton knitted fabrics: more than 500 types (cotton wool, single and double yarn sweater, spandex, mesh, rib, jacquard, velvet, terry, double-layer fabric, jacquard, waffle, velvet blending, Modal blending etc.) Three, colored cotton yarn: J40s-J21s brown green ratio (10/90 30/70 50/50 75/25)
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