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Guangzhou Chunyi Garment Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Guangzhou Chunyi Garment Co., Ltd., whose predecessor is Chunyi Garment Factory, has been engaged in foreign trade garment processing and brand garment processing since its establishment in 2002. In order to adapt to the changes of the market and enhance the corporate image, it successfully transformed into Guangzhou Chunyi Garment Co., Ltd. integrating design, production and sales in 2007. J-RONLY RAW, the main leisure brand, integrates the world's fashion elements and embodies personality in an introverted way. It interprets charm from a fashion perspective and shows self-confidence in a leisure style. It provides comfortable and perfect dress for urban youth aged 20-35. Guangzhou Chunyi Garment Co., Ltd. relies on its strong product design and development ability, perfect brand management system (promotion, operation, logistics and training), develops clothing with fashion trend, closely adheres to modern people's fashion consumption concept, and aspires to build China's first-class clothing enterprises. The company is committed to developing chain and franchise business in China, investigating and accepting qualified distributors to join the "J-RONLY RAW" clothing franchise system, cooperating in good faith to promote the "J-RONLY RAW" brand clothing series. Combine into an excellent franchise system. J-RONLY RAW garments, with its advanced design concept, stand in the forefront of fashion and alliance partners to create a win-win situation in the market! Business philosophy: pursuing excellence, based on sincerity, mutual benefit and win-win situation. Design philosophy: innovation, leading fashion, to perfect.
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Contact:   Miss Zhang
Addr:       Room 804, 49-55 Zengchao Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou (Jin Guang TV Building)