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Yantai Zhifu Silver Armored Security Equipment Company    No Member

Yantai Zhifu Silver Armored Security Equipment Company Brand
Business Model
Perennial wholesale and retail; Security clothing, security equipment, four seasons security clothing, multi-functional overcoat, regular clothing, training clothing, camouflage clothing, decoration. Corner cap, chest number, tie, tie clip, hat, beret, helmet, badge, security belt, etc. Traffic equipment, reflective vest, reflective vest, sanitation vest, various styles, one meter line, reflective road cone, yellow square cone (no parking), reflective elastic column, anti-tumbling elastic column, reflective mirror, water horse, A-shaped parking plate, hand-held parking plate, traffic command stick custom-made signs, deceleration belt, anti-collision bucket, parking space Locks, type O locks, type K locks, type T locks, isolation columns, parking facilities. And so on. Security equipment, searchlights, flashlights, riot helmet, outdoor equipment, complete equipment... Address: No. 2 East Street, Xinhai Yang, Zhifu District, Yantai City (west side of Civil Aviation Building)
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Contact information
Contact:   Lu Xiao Peng
Addr:       No. 2-1 Xinshi South Road, Zhifu District, Yantai, Shandong Province (50m west of Civil Aviation Building)