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Jindeli Group Co., Ltd. was founded in August 1992 by Mr. Lin Yonglin, founder of Chinese jewelry mould. Its headquarters is located in Hongshan Park, Fuzhou Science and Technology Park, Fujian Province. Now, due to the development needs, its headquarters has been relocated to No. 13 Building, Orange Garden Island, Jinshan Industrial Zone, Fuzhou City. After more than eleven years of development, the company has developed from a small family workshop-type enterprise in its initial stage to a comprehensive group company integrating science, industry and trade. It mainly produces and manages various jewelry, jewelry moulds, simulation jewelry, craft gifts and other products. The company has more than 1600 employees, ten compact companies and nine semi-compact branches, as well as more than 400 distribution offices around the world. "Br/> Jindeli upholds excellent traditional craftsmanship, plus exquisite art and aesthetic design, and strives to build a well-known brand in China's jewelry industry. "Jin Deli" craft gifts are vivid and graceful; jewelry products are novel in style and exquisite in quality; jewelry gypsum mould is easy to operate and fast to shape. With its excellent reputation and personality, the products of "Jin Deli" brand series are sold all over the world. They are exported to more than 40 countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, Europe and America, and are favored by customers. By virtue of its unique development mode and operation strategy,
Jindeli Group has opened up a new way of thinking for the development of China's jewelry industry. "Jin Deli" trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark in China by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 1999. In recent years, it has also been awarded such honorary titles as "Famous Brand of China Jewelry Industry", "AAA Credit Unit of Agricultural Bank of China", "300 Best Enterprise Image of Fujian Province", "Big Taxpayer of Fujian Province", and won the second batch of national and Fujian Provinces. The first batch of private enterprises have the right to export by themselves, the right to wholesale gold and silver products approved by the Central Bank and the right to export silver products approved by the Provincial Foreign Economic and Trade Commission. Lin Yonglin, chairman and President of the Group, served as the representative of the Ninth and Tenth National People's Congresses of Fujian Province, the Standing Committee of the Ninth Political Consultative Conference of Fuzhou City, the Vice-Chairman of Fujian Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce), and the Vice-Chairman of China Gem and Jade Association. He has successively won the title of "National Rural Spark Leader Pacesetter" and "National Young Migrant Workers'Good Teacher and Frien Fujian Patriotic, Professional, Law-abiding Advanced Entrepreneurs, Fujian Province "Friends of Party Building" and other honorary titles, and in May 2003 were elected as provincial and municipal "labor model".
Jindeli Group upholds the business philosophy of "people-oriented, sincere as God", and takes "loving motherland, society, enterprise and family" as its enterprise spirit. It proposes to build up a sincere self, treat people sincerely, treat customers sincerely, govern enterprises with morality, and advocate employees to establish the working spirit of "responsibility creates beauty" and create perfect gold. Profitable products are combined with shaping the beautiful life of Jindeli people, so as to realize the pursuit and sublimation of beauty of Jindeli people.

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