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F-Sorb X400 series pore volume porosity and specific surface area tester is the only fully automated and intelligent product in China at present. It has the first sales volume in China for three consecutive years. Many famous scientific research institutes and top 500 enterprises have applied it. Jin'e Spectrum (Beijing) Science and Technology is the earliest institution in China to participate in the calibration of specific surface area reference materials. Comparability and parallelism with foreign data is the best, and get the test certificate of Shanghai Institute of Metrology. At the same time, Jinaipu (Beijing) Science and Technology is the only domestic manufacturing enterprise with registered capital of more than one million, so that you can choose products without worries! V-Sorb 2800 Series series products are the specific surface area and aperture analyzer independently developed by our company, which adopts the principle of static volumetric measurement. Compared with similar products in China, the adoption of many innovative technologies makes the overall performance of products more perfect, the accuracy and consistency of test results further improved, the stability of test process stronger, reaching the advanced level of similar products in the world, and some functions surpass those of foreign products. Jin Aipu (Beijing) Science and Technology is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing. It is located in Zhongguancun, a high-tech industrial zone in Beijing, where famous universities and academies of Chinese Academy of Sciences are gathered. The company originated from and served China's weapon system industry, relying on local talent resources and technological advantages of weapon system, and devoted itself to the research and development of scientific analysis instruments. Production and sales. With the aim of establishing well-known state-owned brands in weapons and civilian industries, through close cooperation with weapon systems and drawing lessons from advanced foreign technologies, we have developed automated and intelligent detection instruments with independent intellectual property rights to provide our research institutes and production enterprises with high reliability and high quality in line with international products. At present, the main products are F-Sorb X400 series specific surface area and pore size (porosity) analyzer and tester. Adhering to the technical purpose of high standards and strict requirements of the weapon industry, and adapting to the market development needs under the new situation, we advocate and adhere to the development concept of "technology first, service-oriented". We not only provide high-quality products for our customers, but also pay more attention to efficient services. The company has a deep understanding of industry needs and international advanced technology research and development. Teams and cross-industry technical consultants provide strong technical support for R&D of products with international advanced level. At present, a strict product quality assurance and perfect after-sales service system have been established to ensure that products meet international standards and services have more local characteristics, so that the specific surface area and pore size (porosity) of F-Sorb X400 series can be analyzed and measured. The brand and reputation of the trial products have been highly recognized and generally praised by customers, and they are in the leading position in the same industry.
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Addr:   [db: province]  [db: city]  Room 8002, CAAC Science and Technology Building, 56 Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing