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Huzhou Christina Knitting Garment Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Huzhou Christian Knitting Fashion Co., Ltd. has been established since 1995. It has expanded from small-scale operation to planned and large-scale operation. Its economic benefits have been increasing year by year and its market has been expanding. It now has 120 employees, 18 technicians of various types, a total assets of more than 5 million yuan, and more than 3200 square meters of factory buildings. The output value of heavy industry equipment in Japan is expected to exceed 11.6 million yuan this year (2000 output value is 600,000 yuan, tax profit is 160,000 yuan, 2001 output value is 94.66 million yuan, tax profit is 200,000 yuan). The main business scope of the company is knitted garments (including woolen sweaters), cotton clothing, indoor sewing goods, down garments manufacturing and processing, product standard FZ/T81003-1991, GB/T14272-1993, trademark standard registration date August 1, 1996, registration number 861667. The
series of children's clothes and down jackets are popular all over the country and have established regional general agents in 26 cities. In 1998, they won the top ten brands of children's clothing industry in China's national brand competitiveness survey. In 1997, they were named "Ten Best Children's Clothing Brands" and "Ten Best Children's Clothing Brands" in Weaving Children's Clothing Festival in 2001. The "Ocean Star" series designed by the company's designer Jin Jian won the third prize of the National Children's Clothing Design Grand Prix. In Beijing Urban and Rural Trade Center Co., Ltd., Xidan Mall won the Excellent Sales Award and the Best Sales Award, especially in Beijing Xidan Mall every month. Sales rank first. The
trademark of "Warren" is printed at fixed points. A trademark management team has been set up in the factory, which is under the unified management of specialists in the production department, is uniformly distributed and used, registered, publicized the trademark law by means of meetings and board newspapers, and strengthened the legal knowledge of trademarks of all employees. The counterfeit Warren products appearing in the market are also publicized in the relevant industrial and commercial departments. Actively cooperate with the strict investigation and punishment, at the same time we also attach great importance to the protection of trademarks, and realize that good goods must have good products, so in terms of quality, a lot of efforts have been made, products have full-time designers design, clothing design combined with world trends, the company has its own color card, from zippers, buttons. Every product has its own trademark label. Every product has its own trademark label. Every product has its own process sheet. Workers are required to operate according to the process sheet. Strict quality inspection system and standardized management mode have been established, and an unqualified product will never be let go.
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Contact:   Li Shui Qing
Addr:   China  China  No. 1 Yingchun Road, Zhili, Huzhou