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The company was originally the bamboo biochemical nanotechnology branch of Jiangxi Yuanhao Handicraft Co., Ltd. It was invested US$316,000 by foreign-funded US-funded enterprises. On June 08, 2006, the company was established in Yifeng County Industrial Park, Jiangxi Province. The company was established by a team of Taiwanese managers and a group of Taiwan elites specializing in nanotechnology materials, specializing in Tianjin. However, in the deep processing of organic green environmental protection bamboo materials, the raw bamboo materials are carbonized at low temperature, then physically activated to the threshold of conductive materials by high temperature oxygen breaking (the resistance of 2 is 0.000-0.001 measured by three-purpose meter), and then into the scientific and technological physical grinding, the bamboo charcoal is ground to 10-7-8 power (0.0000001m-0.00001m). The micro-nano bamboo charcoal slurry (which needs to be determined by laser analyzer and detector during grinding) is then reduced to micro-nano dry powder by freezing low temperature vacuum nitrogen (this process is under patent review on both sides). The micro-nano bamboo charcoal slurry is moisture-free, insoluble in water, specific gravity and conductivity. Strong, can make the derivative textile industry chain consumption rate is very low, enhance the functional characteristics of good, moisture absorption, deodorization, antimicrobial and bacteriostasis, negative ions, anti-ultraviolet, far infrared, heat storage and warmth, is the leader of micro-nano bamboo charcoal powder manufacturers, and then micro-nano powder into inorganic antimicrobial agent and polyester blending to enhance the functional. Modified functional slice masterbatch was manufactured. Due to the geographical location of Yifeng County, Jiangxi Province, the inconvenience of logistics and the long distance of domestic and foreign personnel entering and leaving the airport, it was relocated by the resolution of the shareholders'meeting of the company and reorganized the new company. Migrating to Nanchang in December 2011, we will continue to make micro-nano science and technology materials bigger and stronger, and combine with the collaborative doctoral group of Taiwan Bamboo Shenghua Nanotechnology Co., Ltd. to develop micro-nano coffee carbon materials, crystal cooling nano-materials related applications in textile field, while the two companies are committed to low-carbon, carbon-reducing organic green. Energy saving and carbon reduction are the benchmarks of environmental protection, and the inexhaustible natural organic green environmental protection materials can continue to grow, and the organic green environmental protection materials will play the highest economic benefits to take care of the income of bamboo farmers and coffee farmers, improve the living standards of farmers, close the gap between urban and rural areas and build a harmonious society. Moreover, the textile industry knows that the protection of the earth's environment has become the biggest topic of industry in the 21st century. There is no doubt that textiles with green environmental protection materials will become one of the main leading markets. Relative textile industry will incorporate organic green environmental protection materials into textiles, which can become functional and high value-added products. Its innovative and high-quality differentiated leading market will increase profits. The same country can do so. In order to save enormous funds to purchase crude oil abroad to refine polyester chips for supply market, such organic green micro-nano materials are a number of multi-industry chain products, which can increase farmers'income, provide functional health products for the society, save foreign exchange expenditure for the country, and improve the overall economic expansion. We sincerely invite the textile industry to make a great contribution to the development of eco-friendly micro-and nano-materials in order to benefit the people, the country and the future generations.
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Contact:   Yang Li Wei
Addr:       No. 88 Pioneering North Road, Changdi Industrial Park, Xinjian County, Southwest Jiangxi Province