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Tongtuo Canopy Sales Center, Zhongshan West District Brand
Business Model
Zhongshan Tongtuo Canvas Company is one of the members of Tongtuo Canvas Alliance. Its main products are canvas, tarpaulin, waterproof canvas, rainproof cloth, canvas and other canvas processing, canvas wholesale, all over Zhongshan, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Zhanjiang and other areas in need of canvas. Zhongshan Tongtuo Canvas Factory is located in Nanhai, Foshan, and the sales company is located in the west of Zhongshan. The company strictly implements the "systematic, standardized, simplified and easy" operation service mode of Tongtuo Canvas Alliance, and unifies production, processing, sales and delivery throughout the country. Among them, Tongtuo Canvas Factory has strong technical force, advanced equipment, complete specifications and sufficient supply of goods. It uses computer to analyze and process canvas. It has many high-temperature thermal closing machines, high-frequency machines, automatic feeding machines, more than 10 automatic sewing machines, and its processing capacity is 5000-6000 square meters per day. It is in the leading position of Zhongshan Canvas Industry. First. Zhongshan Tongtuo Canvas Company operates canvas products such as Zhongshan canvas, Zhongshan waterproof canvas, Zhongshan canvas, Zhongshan oilcloth, Zhongshan automobile canvas, Zhongshan farm curtain, pig farm canvas, Zhongshan pig farm curtain, Zhongshan printing table leather, canvas curtain, Zhongshan colored strip cloth, canvas, cargo yard canvas, Zhongshan organic silicone cloth. Zhongshan wax canvas, PVC coating and so on, can be widely used in foreign trade packaging, railway, highway transportation, warehousing, machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment packaging, container roof equipment, port terminals, open-air cargo yard covering, industry and agriculture and other fields.
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Contact:   Mr. Li
Addr:       172 Rainbow Avenue, Zhongshan West District, Guangdong Province