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Distribution Office of Shanxi Oasis Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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Shanxi Oasis Textile Liability Co., Ltd. is one of the largest enterprises in China, which mainly produces hemp series textiles. Shanxi Oasis Textile Co., Ltd. has a production line integrating hemp degumming, carding, spinning, weaving and garment processing. It mainly produces pure hemp and hemp interwoven with cotton, silk, wool, tencel, organic cotton, Modal, viscose and other fibers. Many of its products fill the national blank. 。 The company has five national patents. Eight new cannabis products have been listed in the national key new product plan. Oasis LZ has been recognized as a well-known brand in China's hemp textile industry and a famous brand in Shanxi Province. In 2006, Oasis Company was selected as the top ten enterprises in the competitiveness of China's hemp textile industry. In 2007, "Oasis lz" hemp products won the titles of "China's famous brand" and "national inspection-free" products. The company has been awarded "National Advanced Textile Industry Collective" and "National Cannabis Textile Products Development Base". The company has hemp degumming, stripping, spinning, weaving, clothing and garments bleaching, dyeing, washing and ironing production lines. It has hemp long fiber spinning machine, wet spinning machine, French comber, THEMA SUPER EXCEL German DONIER rapier loom, Picano GTM-AS rapier loom and Japanese brother brand special flat sewing machine. American non-iron baking furnace and other equipment. The main products are: 7-60Nm pure hemp yarn, cloth, hemp and cotton, wool, silk, soybean fiber, tencel, organic cotton, yak velvet, Modal and other fibers blended yarn, cloth, hemp series bedding health care supplies, hemp clothing, shoes, hats, bags and other travel packages.
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Contact:   Tian Wei Guang
Addr:       Bajiakou Town, Yangcheng County, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province