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Hangzhou Changxintiandi Children's Clothing Sales Co., Ltd. Brand
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Ten years of struggle, with the professional and accumulation of children's wear industry; Ten years of development, with a vertical cross-East China, South China and other regions of the market; Ten years of cooperation, including more than 80 well-known brands in the country's support and cooperation; Ten years of operation, there are more than 2000 elite businessmen in the north and south of the Yangtze River win-win. Hangzhou Changxintiandi Children's Clothing Sales Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hangzhou "E Age" Children's Clothing Company, was founded in 1997. Starting from the Hangzhou Four Seasons Children's Clothing Market, Hangzhou Changxintiandi Children's Clothing Sales Co., Ltd. has experienced the ups and downs of China's market economy and industry development. In the process of constantly overcoming difficulties and exploring innovation, it has completed the initial stage of the industry Accumulate. In 2004, it formally turned to company operation, took the road of scale operation and brand operation, became the first brand trusteeship company of children's wear in China, and began to enter a new world of children's wear market. The company gathers a large number of outstanding talents to form a high-quality, high-content professional team that integrates design, sales and brand management. At the beginning of the company's establishment, "customer first, integrity first, reputation first" as the company's business philosophy, ready to build China's children's wear brand operation of the first aircraft carrier. In 2006, the company independently developed "Beibei Kingdom" brand baby outwear, "Babu dog", "Crocodile", "Ottoman" brand down jacket, and gradually established distribution and self-management channels. In 2008, the company began its second management upgrading and business transformation focusing on "upgrading management level, expanding business scale and implementing brand strategy". In 2009, the performance appraisal system was fully implemented, and the company's business management and sales performance made a third leap. In order to meet the needs of all aspects of the company's development, senior management, marketing and design talents are now openly recruited throughout the country. Excellent talents who are willing to start and develop in the garment industry are welcome to join us.
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Contact:   Miss Xu
Addr:       Room 406, 4th floor, Sijiqing boutique children's wear wholesale market, 187 Hanghai Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province