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Kindell Silver Jewelry China Headquarters Brand
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The snow in the Alps is white, white and intoxicating < br /> the fog of the Adriatic Sea, white and thin, light as gauze, threads of < br /> ancient buildings in Rome City, transcendent and perfect < br /> Vatican, the birthplace of God, she wants to make the world peaceful and pray for people to be pure and quiet < br /> the little girl of Genoa, wearing a silver necklace, drifting across the sea, spreading happiness < br />. Milan's teenagers defended the horn of the Renaissance of the Roman Empire < br /> with silver guns, rang through the bitter and mellow beer in barrels in the cellars of Turin throughout Europe, with attractive hops < br /> Venetian businessmen, sailing boats and leaving their figures < br /> from Marco Polo, Istanbul to the Silk Road < br /> to China, all of which are roughly for us. The outline of the ancient country of Italy < br /> Kindell is born in such a mysterious country < br /> with a long history and splendid culture, while standing proudly at the head of the silver wave < br /> noble, elegant, solemn, stepping on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, following the wind to the five continents < br /> Romantic, fashionable, new tide is permanently spread throughout Europe, Asia and the United States < br /> < br /> on the banks of London River. The noble Queen of England cherishes Kindell in every way < br /> on the Hawaiian seashore. The unforgettable beautiful American men and girls meet Kindell late and hate < br /> in the industrial areas on both sides of the Rhine River. The harsh Germans praise Kindell and cherish it very much < br /> on the night of Paris with red wine and green lights. Romantic French girls love Kindell and cannot help but < br /> in the industrial areas on both sides of the Rhine River. The cherry blossom island country and the Japanese who live thousands of miles a day are inevitably keen on
for Kindell's soul to be overwhelmed. On both sides of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, Kindell is occupying the domestic market at a rapid speed
in the silver season and integrating into your life... "Br /> Kindell came to China, bringing fashion, romance and amorous feelings to busy Chinese < br /> exquisite craftsmanship, originated in Italy, so that you can show endless charm and style < br /> - a silver hairpin between beautiful hair and clouds, symbolizing elegant and connotative banner < br /> < br />.
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Contact:   Xie styling
Addr:   China  China  No. 31 Lianhuachi East Road, Haidian District, Beijing. 509 Hall, Block A, Zhongyu Century Building (Grand Hotel)