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Founded in 1999, Phoenix Clothing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional clothing enterprise integrating clothing design, production, sales and service. Enterprises have strong ready-made clothing production equipment technology and senior design personnel, with rich business experience and production experience combined with a unique international perspective, more keen to innovate business concepts and production technology. With the business purpose of "honest management, ethical business, manufacturing classics, creating perfection", the company adopts exquisite technology, advanced equipment, strict management and perfect after-sales service. In recent years, the company's children's wear brands "Fire Phoenix" and "Jade Kirin" are well-known at home and abroad, and have won high praise and recognition from customers and the market. In 2005, the development of F1 racing suits and children's favorite cartoon idol team uniforms has led to new highlights of children's wear in China. We will spare no effort, continue to make classics, continue to shape perfection, with more high-quality products, better service, humanized management, and strive to create a new generation of five-star children's wear brand. Market share, unlimited business opportunities, market war, unpredictable changes. Yesterday, with your support and love, we experienced the baptism and tempering of the market economy, and created the style of the enterprise. Today, we are more professional and pragmatic; lofty and innovative; face the market directly, and reshape the brilliance of Fire Phoenix and Jade Kirin. The competition of modern enterprises is actually the competition of talents. We deeply realize the importance of talents and science and technology. Professionals from all sides are invited to introduce the latest advanced production equipment and software at home and abroad for efficient enterprise management. Hardware work together to gradually complete the integration process of production, learning and research. In 2008, the company invested tens of millions of dollars to build the Phoenix Tower of Huohuang. We will use a brand new business model, sharpen the market, improve the service, explore and innovate, and strive for unique products. Vigorously promote and develop the channel construction of image store, strengthen the scientific division of regional market, and maintain the order of brand market. At the same time, improve product quality, reduce product costs, so that the children's wear brand of enterprises can grow rapidly, steadily and healthily under the advantage of market competition. Advocating win-win situation, creating win-win situation, actively participating in the market economy cycle, and letting the market know the brand of Phoenix Fire better are our unswerving goals and directions. We firmly believe that with your guidance and alliance, as well as the enterprise's positive and enterprising perseverance, Huohuang, Yuqilin and your tomorrow will be more brilliant.
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Addr:       Huohuang Building, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, South Industrial Zone, Luocun Street