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Shanghai Dehua Carpet Co., Ltd. is the only office in Shanghai. It provides all kinds of famous carpets, square carpets, wallpaper, PVC rubber flooring, custom-made wool, acrylic carpets, professional hotels, clubs, office buildings, household carpet projects, wallpaper, PVC floor wrench projects. We will provide you with a variety of imported, joint venture, domestic wallpaper, carpets, PVC flooring, wall cloth and other more than 10,000 kinds of high-quality products, more than 200 carpet wallpaper manufacturers. Products involve home decoration, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shop display and so on. Various materials, preferential prices, excellent performance, professional construction, to provide you with thoughtful brand clothing. Business, Engineering, Wholesale, Retail, Design. In the era of new economy, all walks of life are changing with each passing day. Shanghai Dehua Carpet Co., Ltd. conforms to the trend of the times and pursues excellence and leadership, while constantly speeding up the pace of its own construction. The service groups are mainly star-rated hotels, villas, clubs, restaurants, entertainment and leisure, business office and other large-scale comprehensive places. - In the carpet industry, our products have won the recognition and praise of many peers. - In the decoration industry, our products have won many honors. - In the field of after-sales service, we have received high praise from our customers. We thank all friends from all walks of life who have given us concern and support, and sincerely wish our products and services can add a strong pen to our customers'projects. Main business: Shanghai Carpet Monopoly; Shanghai Wilton Carpet; Shanghai Printed Carpet; Shanghai Red Carpet; Big Red Carpet; Shanghai Marriage Carpet; Shanghai Red Carpet Monopoly; Shanghai Decorative Carpet; Shanghai Household Carpet; Shanghai Hotel Carpet; Shanghai Company Special Carpet; Household Carpet; Household Door Carpet; Shanghai Wedding Carpet; Shanghai Hotel Place Carpet; Shanghai club carpet; Shanghai restaurant carpet; Shanghai KTV carpet; Shanghai Minhang carpet monopoly; Shanghai Pudong carpet monopoly
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Contact:   Shang Manager
Addr:       Shanghai Songjiang Shanghai Songjiang District Jiuting Husong Highway Huting North Road