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Dongguan Lixin Ultrasound Products Co., Ltd. (Neesion) is the most professional manufacturer of ultrasonic embossing products and ultrasonic wheel molds in China. The main products and services are: First: Ultrasound embossing and products: the company is mainly committed to clothing, shoes and hats, jewelry, toys, handicrafts and other major areas of accessories and accessories! The main products are ultrasonic lace, flower embossing, various kinds of animal and plant embossing, peach heart, pentagram, leaves, as well as ultrasonic slicing, Ribbon Ribbon shear and other ultrasonic products accessories! Ultrasound products can be used in Christmas ornaments, bedding, car covers, non-woven fabrics, leather lace, pajamas, underwear, pillowcases, bedding covers, skirts, hairpins, ribbon strips, gift wrapping belts, plywood, mouth cloth, chopstick sets, seat covers, cup mats, curtains, raincoats, PVE handbags, umbrellas, food. Packing bags, tents, shoes and hats, disposable surgical clothes, masks, surgical caps, medical eye masks, etc. Our factory has complete equipment and several imported ultrasonic processing machines. The mould is manufactured and matched by our own factory. The quality and efficiency are naturally unparalleled by other single embossing manufacturers. 2. Production of ultrasonic flower wheel mould: The ultrasonic flower wheel mould of our factory is produced by the discharge technology of spark machine, using imported steel! Mould has high precision, long life, efficiency and quality is the first in China. Flower wheel mould production department has several imported spark machines and first-class professional and technical team. It should meet the needs of customers and deliver on time! Mainly used in ultrasonic accessories, craft gifts, non-woven bags, masks, underwear and other industries, for a number of ultrasonic machinery factory designated flower wheel manufacturers, the products are well received in the industry! The only company in China that can produce complex ultrasonic flower wheel mould! Three: 2-10 inch ultrasonic lace machine on-line sales, price concessions! Welcome to buy!! Dongguan Lixin Ultrasound Products Co., Ltd. & ldquo; people-oriented, quality first, customer first, the pursuit of excellence & rdquo; business philosophy, cooperation with new and old customers, seek common development, create a better tomorrow! Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.
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Contact:   Wei Jing Feng
Addr:       Shangyuan Section of Chashan Industrial Park, Chashan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China