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Guangzhou Shunyi Textile Co., Ltd. Longzhen Dyeing Plant Brand
Business Model
Guangzhou Shunyi Textile Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of high-quality garment accessories and factories. Liao Manzhen 13928798868, a contact, mainly deals in the following products: Yasha plain/twill/shading inner (ACETATE TAFFETA/TWILL/SATIN P/D), nylon Yasha plain/twill/double-color twill lining (N/A TAFFETA/TWILL/TWILL/D), polyester plain/twill/DOBBY TWILL P/D. PolyYESTER TAFFETA/TWILL/SATIN P/D, nylon plain linen 190T/210T/230T/290T (NYLON TAFFETA P/D) and various coatings, Chiffon (CHIFFON) sleeve linen (50% Polyester 50% Viscose) batches and various fabrics. At present, the company has a stock of more than 1 million yards of all kinds of clothing lining materials, which can meet the different needs of all kinds of customers at any time. Our company has a number of capable business personnel and management personnel, in 2005, the turnover of the company exceeded 30 million yuan. Our company has many cooperative factories. Longzhen (Panyu) Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company of our company. The company has a number of leading international level dyeing and finishing production equipment, including imported 2 CNC stereotyping machines and dozens of dyeing cylinders of various types, 2 computer-controlled proofing machines, 3 fully automatic packaging machines and 2 advanced washing and desizing production lines, etc. The technicians are all from Korea. The factory has a strong production capacity, with 3.5 million yards per month for dyeing and finishing all kinds of garments. With the close cooperation of various cooperative factories, high-quality products and smooth access to goods have become our company's guarantee for providing high-quality services to our customers. In terms of product quality control, our company has established a perfect product quality control system, with various types of product quality testing equipment, a dedicated person in charge of product quality control, strict quality inspection of each batch of products. Our company can provide product test reports to customers according to their requirements. At the same time, we can also provide test reports from authoritative testing institutions at home and abroad, such as ITS, SGS and China Textile Product Inspection and Testing Center. Customer first, timely delivery, quality assurance is our purpose, our company will closely around this purpose to serve our customers, wholeheartedly welcome customers at any time to write to us to negotiate business.
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Contact:   Li Fan Zhen
Addr:       Third Floor, 572 Nanti East Road, Qiaojie, Panyu City, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province