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Shanghai Jiatu Automation Control System Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
CATO brand is a research and development enterprise which integrates production, technology and service for sensors and controllers. The company's products introduce the advanced process of developed countries in Europe and America, digest and absorb the advanced technology products of controllers and sensors with high performance-price ratio and combined with the actual needs of the Chinese market. Contribute to China's fluid, pressure, temperature, liquid level monitoring and measurement needs industry a due strength. Our products have been widely used in automation equipment, petroleum equipment, chemical equipment, power equipment, steel equipment, metallurgical equipment, automobile, water treatment and other industries. Now we have advanced customers such as Mengniu Group, Dongfeng Automobile, Baosteel Group, Dru Aluminum Industry, Three Gorges Hydropower, German DMG, Nanji and so on.
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Contact information
Contact:   Sun Ying
Addr:       No. 999 Fengpu Avenue, Fengxian District, Shanghai