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Located in Haicang Kechuang Center of Xiamen, Xiamen Lvqiang Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and application of new technologies such as chemical separation and purification, energy-saving concentration and cleaner production. It is good at the integration and innovation of chemical separation and purification technology, cleaner production technology, resource comprehensive utilization technology and upstream and downstream processes. According to its own advantages, the focus of development will be on the integration of advanced separation and purification technology and traditional technology, focusing on cleaner production integration technology in the polluting industry, realizing waste reduction, resource utilization, safe disposal and energy cascade comprehensive utilization, and studying efficient water-saving and urban water recycling technology in agriculture, aquaculture industry, and developing drinking water safety assurance technology. Environmental protection equipment and equipment suitable for China's national conditions, improve the technical level of environmental protection equipment; in the areas of reclaimed water reuse, landscape water reuse, high temperature condensate reuse, help enterprises to achieve cleaner production, support the development of circular economy. Enterprise's technology development and production and operation objectives: To solve technical problems for customers, market demand-oriented, in view of the separation and purification technology problems and resource waste and environmental pollution problems encountered by customers in the production process, provide mature patents or proprietary technologies for users, improve the utilization rate of resources and economic benefits of enterprises. Enterprises have a variety of separation and purification pilot equipment, can provide a series of services - including project demonstration, research report, production process development, pilot test, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, system integration, integration and matching, installation and commissioning, technical training, cleaning and maintenance, and follow-up technical upgrading. The company's proprietary technology: directional replication and modification of organic substances, suitable for modification and adjustment of flavor substances, biological fermentation process to improve the potency of fermentation target products; directional replication of isomers as target chiral intermediates and application of rare Chinese medicinal materials. Membrane separation material-liquid pretreatment process can treat the main impurities which cause membrane fouling to decrease membrane flux through physical and chemical methods, create suitable material-liquid conditions for membrane filtration, achieve the conditions of reducing membrane fouling, improving the production capacity of membrane equipment, and achieving the best state of membrane equipment. Suitable for: decolorization and COD removal of refractory organic wastewater with high salinity, black liquor treatment of papermaking, etc.
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Contact:   Zhang Mei Qin
Addr:       Haicang Kechuang Center, 289 Wengjiao Road, Xiamen, Fujian