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 Hangzhou Ke Shu Home Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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Cape (Hongkong) Home Textile Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise specializing in the production of home textile products. The company integrates R & D, design, production and sales, including bedding, bathroom accessories and home accessories. The company introduced the most advanced cellulosic fiber material in the world today -- Cupro. has been successfully applied to home textile products. Cupro is made from wood, pure and natural. Its highly safe, comfortable, breathable and easy to handle characteristics are considered to be the new generation of high-tech home textiles that replace traditional home textiles. The fabric of Cupro is bright, soft, silky, warm like wool, strong as polyester, dry and pleasant, moisture absorption, breathability, natural antibacterial, suitable for machine wash. Cupro sets the advantages of other ingredients in one body and makes great contributions to improving the human sleep condition. ...
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Contact:   Feng Hai Xia
Addr:        Central tower, 271 South Hu Shu Road