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HONG XIANG CLOTH CO., LTD. Hongxiang cloth industry Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hongxiang Industrial Co., Ltd., is a Chinese elastic fabric manufacturer. Its headquarters is located in Haining, Zhejiang. It is a brand of Hongxiang cloth industry Co., Ltd.. At present, its subsidiary has Dongguan Hongxiang complex factory, Dongguan Hongxiang cloth industry, Dongguan Xiangxiang textile, and owns the brand: Xiang, Hongxiang, HX, Hongxiang H-XIANG, Zhong Xiang. Our company sticks to the tenet of "integrity first, quality first" for customer service. It is managed and controlled by senior technicians, and innovative products are continuously developed. With many years of accumulated experience and the introduction of advanced high-speed warp knitting equipment, RIBA warp knitting and various technical support of Carle Mayer, Germany has been invincible in this highly competitive business. According to different market demand conditions, the company has a wide range of production, in order to cater for fashion, swimsuit, swimming cap, underwear, toys, shoes, shoes and hats, Bottomwear, composite, laminating, sportswear, martial arts clothes, diving suits, computer bags, mobile phone sets, gloves, sofa, bags, car cushion covers, sporting goods, hotel supplies, etc. 专业生产:各种内衣布、泳衣布、氨纶布、拉架布,四面弹力布,杜邦莱卡布、亮光莱卡布、雾面莱卡布、哑光超细莱卡布、弹力平纹泳布、涤纶/锦纶弹力泳布、锦纶/涤纶有光布、锦氨/涤氨半光布、全哑光布、弹力布、单拉色丁布、色丁拉架布、氨纶网布、弹力网布、锦氨网布、涤氨网布、纬编布、纬编高弹布、20D超细有光/半光/哑光布、40D纬编有光/半光/哑光布、50D纬编布、70D高弹布、75D牛奶丝、100D纬编布、75D经编加厚布、150D纬编布、经编加厚布、纬编加厚布、涤纶哑光布,涤纶哑光超细布、涤纶纬编拉毛布、涤纶加厚起毛布、涤纶磨毛布、锦纶超细磨毛布、拉架绒、丝光绒、天鹅绒、圈绒、印花、提花、经编提花,纬编提花、平纹提花布、网布提花、平纹布、压花、压光布、烫金、烫银、彩色烫金布、锦纶涤纶氨纶混织布、玻璃纱布、等各种面料;并能根 According to the requirements of different customers, we have developed fabrics with special functions: moisture absorption, perspiration, quick drying, chlorine resistance, anti yellowing, high temperature resistance, deodorization, mould proof, antibacterial, water repellent and UV resistant. The products are sold to many countries and regions around the world and in Europe and America. The product quality is reliable, has passed IS09001:2000 international certification and ISO 9000 ISO 9002 ISO 9003 ISO 9004 ISO20000 IS014001 environmental management system certification. Our company provides international standard products and services, and hopes to cooperate with you in all aspects to jointly develop domestic and international markets. "Hongxiang cloth industry" is willing to work hand in hand with all walks of life and adhere to the principle of "double wins" as a common development principle.
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Contact:   Guo Hai Ming
Addr:        Zhejiang Jiaxing Haining Ma Bridge warp knitting industrial park warp knitting 12 Road No. 8