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Hubei Hao Ren Home Textile Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in production, research and development of high-end household goods serialized. It covers an area of 67350 square meters, with a fixed investment of 80 million yuan and a registered capital of 15 million yuan. The bedding products series project investment is 50 million yuan, the project department has 15 professional cotton spinning professional engineers, 12 technical personnel of the textile products, 20 sales engineers, 15 people in all kinds of management and technical personnel, 7260 square meters of standard modern production workshops, 7000 square meters of warehouse, 3090 square meters of office buildings, 3024 square meters of dormitory buildings, 2 2 automatic production lines, and 3 nets with no net tire production line. The production of different specifications (the smallest specification 90cmx110cm, the largest scale 50cmx260cm) of different quality (2 kg -8 kg) of high-quality cotton seed bed, the army is by the bed, all kinds of quilts, sheets, pillows, and is one of the larger manufacturers in China. The company produces the net free cotton tire series and children's quilt series highly praised by users. Net products are widely used in hotels, military units, hospitals, student apartments, etc., and are also the first choice for disaster relief and labor insurance. The product fills the blank of home textile industry with pure cotton batten instead of chemical fiber core, and leads consumers into the pure cotton era of green and healthy life. Main products: home textile home Gaestgiveriet Hotel, school, factory, hospital, army, civil aviation, disaster relief, donation, main products or services: 1000 layers of net free cotton, net combed cotton, Xinjiang quilt, student, child quilt, hotel, hotel, hospital bedding, military training, army quilt, disaster relief donation quilt, quilt sheets, pillow pillow cotton pillowcase, work clothes, security clothing, labor insurance series and other products.
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