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 Shanghai min Guang International Enterprise Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shanghai min Guang International Enterprise Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shanghai towels and bedding sheets, is also the oldest and largest scale and most complete towel production sheet and export base in China. The company has 34 enterprises, including 5 Sino foreign joint ventures, and 4 leading companies. There are other scientific research institutions, such as research institutes, product centers, vocational colleges, etc., with fixed assets of 1 billion 580 million yuan. The total number of employees is 15040. In recent years, according to the needs of urban textile development, the company has followed the enterprise concept of "taking tomorrow's vision to do today's business", and has constructed a new pattern of textile decoration, which is mainly used in auxiliary covers, sanitary bathrooms, food and kitchen accessories, curtain hangings. Seven series of textile decoration accessories such as wall decoration, furniture decoration, etc. Among them, "Min Guang" brand, "ship" brand, "happiness" brand bed sheet, "clock brand 414", "Jade Rabbit" towel, "phoenix" brand blanket are all the similar products of the whole country.
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Contact:   Min Guang international enterprise
Addr:        No. 8, bamboo row Pier Street, South City, Shanghai