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Xiamen Yi Cheng industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional hat making enterprise integrating design, production and sales. We specializes in producing baseball caps, sports caps, advertising caps, fishermen's caps and children's caps with different styles and grades. Now has advanced production equipment, first-class professional caps talents, set design, cutting, sewing, embroidery, printing, ironing, packaging and so on a complete set of production lines. Enthusiasm and hope to establish good cooperation with customers at home and abroad. Quality products, sincere service! Is our forever commitment, warmly welcome consultation and discussion. 【款式】 我司专业生产款式:鸭舌帽、棒球帽、太阳帽、运动帽、广告帽 旅游帽、眼遮帽、渔夫帽、空顶帽、军帽、光纤帽(LED灯帽)、时装帽、贝雷帽、钓鱼帽、儿童帽、草帽、牛仔帽、医生帽、工帽(食品帽)、海盗帽、开瓶器帽、冬帽(雷锋帽)、针织帽、等二十多个系列产品(欢迎来图来样订制) 【材质】 100%全棉(10858斜纹、10858人纹、10858平纹、10858磨毛、10856斜纹、10856人纹、10856平纹、10856磨毛、12860)、涤棉、水蜜桃(涤纶)、珠帆布、珠地布、牛仔布、三文治网、仿毛绒、摇粒绒、天鹅绒等(面料多样,可按照客户要求制作) 【工艺】 洗水、驳块、平绣、3D立体绣、贴布绣、织唛绣、勾冷、烫画、印花、热转印、发泡印、烫画、烫钻等(多种工艺,可按照客户要求制作) 【常用的后扣款式】 魔术贴、塑料扣(单排和双排),日子扣、铜扣/金属扣、 All roots (elastic), half length roots (elastic or elastic band) and so on. (can be produced according to customer requirements): product basic specification size: adult average 58cm child code can be customized. Minimum order quantity: 300 (part of conventional products can be 200 lower limit). Regular packaging: 150pcs/ctn box rule: 62cm*42cm*54cm fabric, Logo, packaging and other processes can be produced according to customer requirements. The seller suggests that the price of the goods should be confirmed by the proper discussion, and the price will be quoted according to the packaging and quantity of the process fabric. Customer order (mail, QQ, phone to us) - > provide > > our quotation > communication hat details - > confirm design > make sample (5~10 days) > > sample send to you confirm quality > > submit deposit of 30% > production (15-55 days according to quantity) > balance payment > > send > after-sales Service > long term cooperation. Ling Huang (Liling Huang) telephone: 0592-5734690 mobile phone: 13194085174 Q Q:1289198624 skype:koureirei1105 mailbox: company address: Xiamen City Huli District Jin Shang road 1628 grand edifice C804 factory address: Xiamen City gushing Town Town Spring Industrial Park J5#3 building
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Contact:   A-Lin
Addr:        Room C804, grand building, 1628 Jin Shang Road, Huli District, Xiamen, Fujian