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Hangzhou mantidi dress Co., Ltd. is a high-end fashion and casual women's clothing company engaged in product design, production, sale and service. In the design, it is "fashionable, comfortable and leisure" as the main theme, observing fashion trends at all times, perfectly integrating fashion elements, creating fabulous fashion and beauty with its exquisite fabrics, classic color combinations and exquisite plate making technology. The unique classic innovation and pioneering spirit brings classic urban women who pursue elegance and romance to interpret the latest fashion trend information.

The company adopts a scientific humanized management mode, pays attention to the study of knowledge and culture, and trains employees to participate in functions and skills, improves their self-cultivation and quality. At the same time, it also pays attention to the cultivation of team spirit, organizing various team activities, enhancing cohesion within enterprises, and creating space for employees to realize their own value. Scientific management lays a solid foundation for the implementation of brand strategy and the steady development of enterprises. In the operation of the unified sales terminal image building, the perfect quality assurance system has been worked out. In order to let more people share the fashion and leisure taste, the company is working on a nationwide network expansion plan.
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Addr:      Hangzhou   No. 2, No. 8, Genshan, Hangzhou