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 Guangzhou Dashan mechanical equipment factory Brand
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Suitable materials: paper, leather, cloth, wool, plastic, plexiglass, acrylic, plastic board, double color board, ABS board, PVC board, rubber (version), resin plate, bamboo and wood products, MDF, wood, tile, glass, crystal, jade, marble, granite and so on. Suitable for Industry: hot plate making, paper cutting, home furnishings, handbags, gloves, clothing, leather, embroidery, toys, bamboo and wood ornaments, crystal ornaments, craft gifts, advertising signs, signs, packaging and printing, electronic panels, engraving, mold, decoration and other industries. Performance characteristics: * import 4 balanced linear guide, stable operation.
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Contact:   Miss Yang
Addr:        No. 19, Jinling North Road, Nansha street, Nansha District, Guangzhou