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 Guangzhou Dai Lei dress Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
In 2010, the Guangzhou Dai Lai dress production center was set up, and the brand of underwear was introduced. The design is inspired by the fashionable underwear and wearing elements, and uses different techniques and ingenuity to create a group of underwear products with natural comfort and charming charm. To provide more professional shape management for women in China, Asia and the whole world. With the perfect combination of the design concept of Paris and the Oriental women, it focuses on body shaping, healthy body, adopting high-grade materials that are good for human health and environmental protection, Seiko meticulous work, continuous improvement, and promotes the correct underwear that accords with the connotation of "science, health, elegance and fashion", and the natural and comfortable wearing effect. It has become the fashion choice for today's female friends to improve their quality of life.

Enterprise mission

Supply demand and create value

Harmony and efficiency

In pursuit of excellence and never-ending, as a women underwear enterprise, Dai Lei has been providing quality underwear products for its customers since its establishment.

The company is committed to cater for and satisfy the needs of customers, and further expands the national sales network.
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Addr:   Guangdong   Guangzhou   No. 1, 4017 house, courtyard 20, Po Dong Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou