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Guangzhou Zhi Yan Zhai Garments Co., Ltd.    No VIP Member

 Guangzhou Zhi Yan Zhai Garments Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Our company mainly trades in the original single trade dress, including women's clothing, men's wear, underwear, children's clothing, etc. the style is not the latest fashion, but the quality is excellent. (almost all fabrics are cotton, linen, silk and other natural materials, environmental protection dyeing, fine workmanship, sophisticated accessories, design and quality inspection are all responsible by foreign ordering party, the standard is higher than domestic), the price is reasonable, the excellent price performance ratio and perfect service mechanism are our core competitiveness. Besides, we have shops and shops, and welcome wholesale and retail customers to see the goods at the scene.
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Addr:   Guangdong   Guangzhou   No. 60, Qian GUI street, Haizhuqu District, Guangzhou.