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 Guangzhou Mekong River Fashion Trade Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Guangzhou Mekong River Trading Co., Ltd. is a network trading company specializing in creative fashion jeans and men's T-shirts. We are committed to providing customers with fashionable, convenient, happy shopping methods and inexpensive products through the increasingly vigorous e-commerce network. We always advocate: pursuing, focusing, acting and working hard. To introduce fashionable, convenient and happy lifestyle into every consumer's life and create a fashionable and personalized lifestyle so as to create a stylish, sophisticated and new online shopping mode.

We take financial stability, honesty and service as the foothold, adhering to the concept of "steady operation and sustainable development". Over the past ten years, we have won the recognition and trust of wholesalers and self-employed businesses through honest cooperation and standardized operation. The stable cooperative relationship has provided us with more room for development.

The company will create a brand new milestone with better image and better humanized service for all new and old customers.
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Addr:   Guangdong   Guangzhou   Guangzhou Baiyun District Jindong clothing wholesale market