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Shanghai Style Clothing Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Shanghai, is a young men's clothing led, set design, development and sales of clothing companies. In the 04 month of 2010, the Italy branch launched its own efforts to open up the Chinese market independently and tailor the designer brand X132 (I.NEGATIVE). The company is a professional designer team, rigorous and efficient management, breaking through tradition, leading independent brand new style. We appeal to the display of details and personality, pay attention to the way of thinking of the male character, dare to break the Convention, and deny the so-called "right and wrong" of the mundane world. 132 team design and development of the dress series, is the only market leader. At the same time, while creating the male clothing culture, the model society insists on enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise with culture, so that employees can feel the joy brought by the work at the same time, and enable the enterprise to establish a good social image in the development.

The theme of X132 is: "there is no right or wrong." To date, the characteristics of this brand have been formed. No matter in the rational or perceptual world, there is no permanent constant position. It is not easy to believe in secular behavior. It caters to the psychological demands of the fashionable crowd. They linger in the circle of tradition and pseudo innovation for a long time. However, the concept and design system of X132 are full of extreme contradictions. Each product is the only product with the design idea of the people and soul, which meets the needs of the fashion crowd. However, it hinders X132 from being able to circulate fashionable products in a narrow group, and only a few industry or upper class people can learn it.

X132's production organization, like the brand itself, has no fixed research and development system. The workshop division and tradition are made up of nearly 100 independent studios. The staffs and facilities in each studio are relatively independent, emphasizing the exclusive creative space of the design. Therefore, X132's products are far from pipelining, from sample clothing to ready-made clothes, each studio only produces a small amount. All designers follow their brand's clothing characteristics and implement their own creativity, so that every product has excellent detail labels, even the buttons of the same products are not the same, which gives the exclusive mark of the X132 brand.

In the early 80s of the Italy, designers were active in the transitional interlayer of the two ages, and the negotiation between business sensitive and different industries became prudent. However, for those designers who thought ahead, it was undoubtedly an intangible fetter for progress. In Rome, a small bar called X.Bar is a collection of top fashion designers at the forefront of the industry. These people will come here to talk about their specialties and thoughts when they work. In this sensitive period from cultural integration to commercial independence, Xbar bar has become a neutral area in the industry, and clothing enterprises also have a default on the existence of X.Bar.

Thus, a real designer club has been formed here. Professional discussions, the collision of ideas, in these industry elite world, gradually produced a rule of "no eternal right and wrong". This sentence includes the rejection of the big business environment, and also the designers' regrets and unwilling to deal with the commercially deteriorated fashion design. The right and wrong is to warn people not to be too trusting of others' stand, and people need to be subjective. As a result, X.Bar became a narrow group and became the voice origin of opposition to the industry rules that were then implemented. Therefore, designers changed the bar to X132, X represented veto and rejected traditional and inertial ideas. 132 represents sublimation and sublimation of creative logic. This idea has spread in this industry, and has become the rule that some people admire but do not dare to express.

The clothing system of X132 men's clothing continued the demand of the first group of envoys who made the birth of the brand the first time. The dress was mainly made up of life dresses. These dresses were not only worn on social occasions. At first, the cooperation between the designers of X132 and those who came from the upper reaches was established by the standards of aristocratic dress.

So far, X132's product line has been very mature, demanding details and personality display. For the people wearing the brand, clothing itself is a language, but it is very tense, and it caters to the brand concept. For the wearer, "there is no eternal right or wrong" is the attitude of life and the exclusive world view of others.

X132 is suitable for young men aged 25 to 35 years. Pursuing new differences, flaunting personality, but not overly publicizing. They belong to their own dressing taste but disdain to repeat others' things. The brand attribute of X132 is "no right and wrong forever". At the same time, it is hoped that the brand's clothing can continue the soul of this garment, and it is not easy to agree with tradition and secular things.
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