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 Beijing Sino Western Technology Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Chinese and western is the abbreviation of Beijing Sino Western Technology Co., Ltd., which belongs to the Sino western group. Founded in 1988, it is an international trade, mining resource development, manufacturing, system integration, engineering consulting and maintenance service. There are many offices and joint ventures in China and abroad. China and the West are systems integrators of high-tech products. It introduces a large number of advanced online and offline instruments, machinery and materials, and provides a large number of products and services for users in various industries, especially in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, electronics, metallurgy, machinery, optics, communication, science and technology teaching, medical and health, etc., and has close cooperation with many famous professional manufacturers in the world.
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Contact:   Miss Gai / Miss Hao
Addr:        Beijing Haidian Beijing Haidian District Haidian District science and Technology Park