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Beijing Bairio Tiaoqiang Technology Co., Ltd. Brand
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Beijing Bairio Tiaoqiang Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of industrial humidifiers. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, design, production, installation, commissioning, operation and service. We have a group of senior R&D personnel in professional fields, dedicated to the design of humidification and solutions. Bairio Tinto has its own research center and production base, and its products sell well all over the country. The industrial humidifier produced by the company has been serialized products. Its main products are wet membrane humidifier (direct draining wet film, wet film of circulating water, wet film of air pipe, wet film humidifier of cabinet), dry steam humidifier, built-in humidifier, electric humidifier, electrothermal humidifier, high pressure micro mist humidifier, high-pressure spray humidifier, centrifugal humidifier, ultrasonic industrial humidification. There are more than ten series of humidifiers, including steam-water mixed humidifier, air conditioning storehouse humidifier, special humidifier for engine room, special humidifier for fan coil unit, etc., with hundreds of specifications. It is widely used in commercial office buildings, hotels, apartments, restaurants, flowers, telecommunications, paper-making, fungus cultivation, fruit storage, computer room, electronic workshop, printing workshop, spray painting workshop, pharmaceutical workshop, textile workshop, tobacco processing workshop, food processing workshop and other central air-conditioning system supporting humidification and space direct humidification, to achieve comfort of life and working environment. Humidification and technological humidification in production. The company will continue to develop steadily, forming a large-scale development, business specialization, business regionalization, management differentiation industry pattern. Bairio Tinto has obvious core competitive advantage and resource allocation and utilization ability. The company aims at improving, specializing, strengthening and enlarging. To maximize the overall value of the enterprise as the goal, further improve the enterprise management model, product quality, strive to become a larger customer base, leading enterprises in the industry.
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