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) (pigeon Sterling) (the source of micro-benefits) (Alebei) (Fokko) five clothing brands, in Hangzhou Xizihu Rising professional women's fashion brand operation enterprises Thousands of flagship models have been established in high-end business offices in China, where women's wear discounts are specially managed. In the past two years of the adjustment of the financial order, the discount industry of women's wear has been developing steadily and steadily, with an upward momentum. It shows that the domestic industrial structure is being rationally adjusted. While pursuing perfection, consumers will rationally choose goods with high price-performance ratio. Hangzhou Hangzhou Hangzhou Aviation Trading Co., Ltd. under the "Alebelin" brand is a professional team to create this channel. The acceptance of the contract has set off a new wave of discounts for domestic apparel. <<<

Today, when the marketing model of Outlets has been enthusiastically accepted by Chinese consumers, more and more businesses are beginning to pay attention to this new concept of operation. Alebelin brand apparel discount store, a new retail trade, has become a large industry with rapid development after more than ten years. However, facing the numerous discount brands in the current market, choosing a suitable partner becomes the biggest problem for investors. <<<


Alebelin Apparel is a stylish discount brand operating agency for women's wear, which is now launched in a new look in the national region; as a discount market, a team with rich operational experience, to improve product quality, focus on after-sales service as the first priority of the enterprise, customer management philosophy as the life of the enterprise. In line with the purpose of honesty, cooperation and common development, the brand has been quickly recognized by franchisees all over the country, and has formed a strong sales layout in the domestic market. <<<


"keep promise, cooperate sincerely", and strive to build a brand discount business with high consumer satisfaction. Successful operation will certainly break the chaotic market pattern caused by the single price war in recent years. It's your real safe choice to enter the discount women's wear business. The company's main brand, products gather nearly 1,000 brands from eight major factions at home and abroad to form strategic alliances. The original brand retail price of valuable commodities, through the cutting of the sales chain, form a factory direct sales model, so that goods are cheap, ultra-low discounts, fast in place, with a strong competitive advantage.

Main Products
wholesale, retail: clothing, shoes and hats (the above business scope should be operated within the valid business period of the Market Name Registration Certificate). (Projects that must be approved according to law and approved by relevant departments can only carry out business activities)
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Contact:   Zhu song
Addr:   Zhejiang  Hangzhou  5th Floor, Sijiqing Garment Market, 3678-2 Desheng East Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province