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left atmosphere, elegant, classic, fashion the left bank about women's use of high-quality fine woven fabrics, exquisite details of the decoration, elegant colors and patterns, with fashion design and ingenious tailoring, weaving about women's left bank outline line beauty women's sense of beauty, the colorful life of modern urban women.

left about women's fabric designers according to the needs of the market, continue to study the left bank about women's development, design a new fabric style, new style, new trend. The left bank knit women's dress with keen design thinking, coupled with natural and exquisite female intuition, makes the left bank knit women's clothing to form a unique design style. Left bank woven women's clothing, in good faith cooperation and common development, the left bank woven women's brand quickly won the approval of all franchisees, in the market formed a strong sales layout.

left about women's fabric design concepts will be popular in Europe and the United States into them, and very pay attention to Asian women wearing the needs in the version, many of the details even with high fashion using hand-made, reflect European luxury fashion, on the left bank of the fabric about women and the Chinese element into the creative form of unique products, to share with the world.

about the flower of youth and beauty, and beauty mature women from the connotation, deduce the mature women's unique charm. The left bank knit women's clothing, the new design concept annotates the fashion and trend of famous brands. The fabric about women's pursuit of modern characteristics of women to feel the zero distance and fashion with science and.

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Garment Co. Ltd. the main fashion women's sweater. Korean casual fashion sweater. Boys and girls sweater. Dongguan zuoan Co. Ltd. is located in the center of textile industry chain environment configuration, from raw materials, yarn spun dyeing to listing, washing label, lace ornaments and other decorative accessories corresponding auxiliary material for rapid deployment, the company benefited from the rapid development. Over the same period, the company is also Dongguan wool textile industry association, designers association collaborative units. We have the support of all kinds of wool textile products, such as industry associations, designers, teams and professional skills.
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Contact:   Zhong Ying
Addr:   Guangdong  Dongguan  No. 29, Kang Feng street, lane management area, Dalang Town, Dongguan