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Beijing Yicai Tiancheng Carpet Co., Ltd. Brand
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Beijing carpet supply international brand, high-grade hotel carpets, household carpets, square carpets, widely used in high-grade office buildings and hotel projects, a variety of patterns, high quality and low price. Professional design and production of exquisite hand-made carpets, office carpets, wool carpets and other products; authoritative carpet information, the latest carpet effect map display, fashion trend of carpet special sales, carpet quality at home and abroad, to provide the latest carpet product prices; professional service team, the products sold to provide a year of service, so that users have no worries! Beijing Carpet Office Carpet Sales Office Carpet Business Hall Carpet, Office Carpet, Beijing Carpet Sales Paving Company sincerely serve you with the exhibition carpet series: Exhibition Carpet, Exhibition Carpet, Peritoneal Carpet, Drawn Carpet, Wedding Carpet, White Carpet, Red Carpet Stripes.
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Contact:   Wang Peng
Addr:       Beijing Chaoyang, Beijing Chaoyang Building Material City