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Rong Heng environmental protection is a modern enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. Its leading products include three leaf roots blower, roots vacuum pump, Roots flowmeter and all kinds of pump valves. We have an excellent technical team, and its elite participated in the R & D and manufacture of the earliest three leaf roots blower in China. It is the leading participant in the establishment of the three leaf roots blower industry standard by the China Environmental Protection Industry Association in 06. The newly developed high-voltage universal three leaf roots blower series has broken through the technical bottlenecks of the three leaf roots blower in China, and has made significant breakthroughs in many key technologies, achieving the world's advanced level in terms of efficiency and noise control. In recent years, the technological elites of enterprises have made breakthroughs in the safety protection of fan application systems. Among them, the "safety buffer dual purpose valve", which is the two national invention patent, is an epoch-making new product developed around the fluid compression mechanical vacuum machine. The dual purpose valve can greatly simplify the system configuration and replace the manual vent valve, the relief valve and the electric discharge valve. The electric control system is also greatly simplified, and the service life of the equipment can be doubled. Its economic benefits, energy saving and emission reduction benefits are very significant. In addition to the environmental protection field, Mr Rong's products are widely used in chemical, food, power, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, textile, food, cement, aquatic and other industries. We are committed to providing you with meticulous and excellent services. Everlasting enterprise is willing to work hand in hand with you!
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