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 Fuzhou Taijiang Fang Zheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. Brand
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A lot of wholesale stock, original price... 3.8-25, style: Dress / Chiffon / Korean T/ sweater / coat / Sling /... Etc. / seven Pants / underwear / five pants / pants / pants / hot pants / shorts / short skirts / trousers / straight Pants / micro pants pants / pencil pants / narrow / tight jeans / elastic pants / elastic pants / Suspenders / boots / pants / suspender skirt waist waist / high waist pants cottage / brand / high imitation denim garment industry market prospects. The risk of Xiaogang's entry into the clothing industry is that its business direction should be fashion, because it attracts customers easily. But people who run fashionable clothes are very clear. Fashion clothes are too old and too fast to cause a lot of backlog.
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Contact:   Wei Sheng Chen
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