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 Shanghai Kai Ling Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Brand
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Shanghai enterprise spirit industry and Trade Co., Ltd. mainly produces clothing inspection instrument, needle detector, also known as needle detector, widely used in export clothing, knitwear, bedding, shoes, socks, down products, plush toys and food medicine industry to detect broken products, broken pins, iron pins or iron filings in the products. The technical indicators are up to the "needle checking method" issued by Japan, and the quality of products is comparable to that of similar products abroad. Our company has been the first to pass the ISO9001:2000 quality certification system in the same industry. Our products are mainly classified into three categories: Portable needle detector, desk type needle detector and automatic conveying needle detector. The classification of various needle detectors is based on various technical parameters of the needle detector. Such as detection width, sensitivity and so on. Through continuous technological innovation, we have developed 10 different types of needle detector products to meet the needs of different users.
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Contact:   Shen Qi Hong
Addr:        Shanghai Jinshan District Xingta Town Economic Development Zone