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Guangdong Foshan Shunde Lun Jiao Jinfei plastic products factory is a new material manufacturing enterprise. It was founded in 1996. The factory is located at No. 52, Lun Jiao Chang Lun Yang North Road, Shunde District, Foshan province. Its existing customers are in the Pearl River Delta region and East China region where the industry is developing rapidly. The integrity, strength and quality of the complete and scientific quality management system have been recognized by the industry. Friends from all circles are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business in Foshan Shunde Lun Jiao Jinfei plastic products factory. With its mature manufacturing technology, advanced production equipment, perfect quality control system and strict production management, it has been providing excellent services for customers in various aspects such as design, proofing, production and so on, and has become a partner of many foreign enterprises in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Europe and America.

Our products are indispensable parts in electronics, electrical appliances, hardware, plastics and other products, such as shockproof, anti-skid, thermal insulation, thermal insulation, flame retardant, insulation and packaging.

Foam series: conductive foam, 3M foam, acrylic foam, aluminum foam, high elastic rubber foam, EVA foam, EVA gasket, EVA sponge, acrylic PE foam, Japanese PORON foam, foam pad, insulating foam pad, fireproof foam, PU foam, PVC foam, anti static foam, EPE foam, high density high resilient foam, mobile phone LCD foam, packaging foam, cotton foam, shockproof foam, rubber foam, foam, rubber foam, and so on. PE

Two, sponge series: Environmental sponge, slow rebound sponge, high density sponge, fireproof sponge, fire-retardant sponge, PU sponge, sponge bar, sponge sealing strip, polyurethane sponge, sponge cushion, air filter cotton, antistatic sponge, wave crest cotton, wave cotton and sound absorbent cotton. The characteristics are thermal insulation, heat insulation, attraction, shock absorption, flame retardance, fire prevention, antistatic, dustproof and breathability.

Three, packaging series: EVA foam products, bottle cap gaskets, sponge guard, EPE pearl cotton, pearl cotton sheath, pearl cotton frame, pearl cotton stents, etc. It is mainly used for toys, stationery, jewelry, gifts, high-grade hardware and excellent packaging.

Four, insulation series: Dongyang fast bar meson, NATO fast paper, fireproof fast paper, Miki fast gasket, red steel paper, insulation red meson, composite paper, highland barley paper, mica tablets, natural mica tablets, cork pads, tipping, PET hooks, PVC hooks, black and white PVC gaskets, PC, PP, insulation PET and other products. It is mainly used for insulation and other uses of electronic products.

Five, dust-proof series: activated carbon filter cotton, activated carbon fiber cotton, flame retardant filter cotton, air filter cotton, medical filter sponge, non-woven fabric, non-woven fabric, dustproof mesh, dust-proof cloth and so on, mainly used in electronic products horn dust-proof function.

Six, adhesive series: American 3MVHB double-sided adhesive, 3MVHB tape, 3M foam tape, T4000 double-sided adhesive, Japan 5000, Texas, SONY, Hitachi, Japan hydrogel double-sided adhesive and other non adhesive surface paste, ordinary single and double-sided adhesive paste, mainly used for products with special requirements for sticky.

Seven, shockproof series: rubber pad, machine cushion, rubber foam, back glue, EVA sealing strip, EVA cushion, EVA mat, EVA sponge pad, transparent silicone pad, anti-skid rubber pad, Shockproof foot pad, speaker loudspeaker gasket, high foaming, foam bar, waterproof foam cotton sliver, sealed high foam strip, kitchen utensil pad, stainless steel sink silencer pad and so on.

Eight, other series: velvet velvet paper, plastic flannelette, paper, silk, magic stickers, astigmatism, rubber foam EDPM, compound adhesive tape, wool felt pad, PTE protective film, lens protective film, gold finger tape, silky silicone rubber, soft silicon film, conductive aluminum foil, aluminum foil tape, conductive copper foil tape and so on.

The above products are widely used in various electronics, electrical appliances, batteries, mobile phones, digital products, notebook computers, cameras, telephones, air conditioners, precision instruments, machinery, lighting, toys, furniture, packaging, sporting goods and other products.

Guangdong Foshan Shunde Lun Jiao Jinfei plastic products factory has good production capacity and reputation, and hopes to establish good faith cooperation relationship with our customers. We are looking forward to providing quality products and professional services to our customers.
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