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Kang Shuo gauze factory is located in Qingyuan County, Baoding, Hebei. It is a large Beijing economic circle. It is 140 kilometers north of Beijing, 150 kilometers east of Tianjin, and 145 kilometers south of Shijiazhuang. The site is located at the intersection of Beijing Shijiazhuang Expressway and Baochang expressway. Beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. It is located in the textile industrial area of Baoding, backed by Gaoyang Textile City, with a long history of textile, advanced equipment and technical expertise. In the cotton producing area of North China, it has the advantage of raw material procurement. The development of textile industry cluster, small and medium-sized enterprises spread everywhere, gauze products one stop service. There are large cargo consignments, which are shipped all over the country and are cheap. The scale and mode of operation of enterprises are: the existing 230 rapier looms are 22, and the monthly production capacity is 120000 meters, which belongs to the typical small enterprises. Although the scale is small, local enterprises have the advantages of small enterprises' gauze industry cluster, and have formed consortium, small orders and independent orders. The business model of "1 + n = P" has been formed, that is, "company + retail = build brand together". Special products: (1) Kang Shuo bleached gauze series: This product is treated by bleaching and soft processing, white, soft, environmental protection and sanitation. It is suitable for gauze mask, silk quilt, quilt lining, baby sweat towel, baby diaper, children's clothing, garment material, industrial cloth and so on. (2) natural color gauze series: it is mainly used for lining materials, bags, cloth, clothing materials, labor protection cloth, carpet bottom cloth, vegetable shed cloth, packaging cloth, Baupib and so on. (3) thin mesh gauze series: special products belonging to Xingguang cotton weaving factory, with low density of gauze and gauze mesh as fishing nets. Business philosophy: steady development, professional pursuit and excellence. First class management, first class service. High quality ushered in customers, and good faith to retain customers. Company legal representative: Wang Xibin. We wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers, calls, letters, business negotiations, common development and win-win cooperation.
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Contact:   Wang Xi Zhu
Addr:        Hebei Baoding Qingyuan County Qingyuan County Da Zhuang town Cao Qiao Village