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Xiamen De Long automation equipment Co., Ltd. Hello! I am glad to be able to contact you. Our company mainly distributes industrial automation products, low voltage electrical appliances, hydraulic and pneumatic products, instruments and meters, etc., and hopes to cooperate with your company in product sales, system development, engineering services and so on. The following is our main agent distribution products, welcome customers to call our friends to inquire, we will serve you wholeheartedly. 主营:SIEMENS、EUCHNER、HYDAC、IFM、TURCK、PILZ、HIRSCHMANN. 德国西门子SIEMENS: 变频传动:6SE70、6SE71、6RA、MM420、MM430、MM440系列 可编程控制器(PLC):LOGO、S7-200、S7-300、S7-400、6AV系列 低压电器:3RV、3TK、3RT、3RW、3VF、3RP、6DD系列 贸易以下品牌的备件: 低压电器:西门子SIEMENS、贺德克HYDAC、易福门IFM、皮尔兹PILZ、士林SHIHLIN、施耐德Schneider、默勒MOELLER、美国AB、三菱MITSUBISHI、富士FUJI、美国GE、和泉IDEC 传感元器件: 安士能EUCHNER、皮尔磁PLIZ、图尔克TURCK、易福门IFM、巴鲁夫BALLUFF、倍加福P+F、邦纳BANNER、神视SUNX、丹佛斯DANFOSS、施迈赛SCHMERSAL、山武YAMATAKE、横河YOKOGAWA,台湾泛达,台湾阳明。 Frequency converter: MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI, ABB, YASKAMA, Fuji FUJI, Danfoss DANFOSS, CT, three SANKEN SANKEN, American A-B, Lenz LENZE, SEW, Toshiba TOSHIBA hydraulic pneumatic: Dirk he, DANFOSS, V, FST, V, Vickers, Xiaojin well, Bao De, etc. Main industries: the supply of spare parts for electrical components imported from iron and steel plants, petrochemical plants, aluminum plants, power plants, petroleum and other industries. Special products: MW, SIEMENS (SIEMENS) low voltage 3RV, 3TK, 3RT, 3RW series.
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Addr:   [db: province]   [db: city]   No. 348 Nanshan Road, Huli District, Xiamen 305