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Hongyang Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various industrial pump products. The company seeks to develop itself in the pump industry with its own strength, innovating, improving the technological content of products and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. The employees of the company are all upside down, full of youthful vigor, determined to take science and technology as the guide, and with integrity as the aim, to provide quality products and pursue excellence. Our company has an experienced professional team of gear pump design, manufacture and testing. It has strong ability to develop, develop and produce gear oil pumps. We can design and manufacture all kinds of special gear oil pump products according to the needs of users. Our main products are gear pump, gear pump, stainless steel pump, stainless steel gear pump, insulation pump, insulation gear pump, high viscosity gear pump, rotor pump, screw pump, three G screw pump, marine pump, marine gear pump, asphalt insulation pump, roots pump, hot oil pump, heat pump, centrifugal pump, coupling, diaphragm coupling, motor, DC motor, skeleton seal, mechanical seal, pump body casting and so on. Our company always adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, reputation first, integrity based, service quality", constantly developing new products, paying attention to customers' needs and expectations, and time will prove: "we are trustworthy."
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