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 Shanghai Hong Fan Knitting Co., Ltd. Brand
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Shanghai Hong Fan Knitting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, a private limited liability company. The company has more than 20 large knitting machines and three ribbed machines, which specializes in designing and producing knitted fabrics of various specifications. Over the past few years, we have accumulated rich experience and have strong product development capability. The products are sold to garment factories and made some contributions to the development of knitting industry.

Main products: single side: sweat cloth, fish scale cloth, bead ground mesh cloth, wool cloth. Double side: cotton wool cloth, Rome cloth, healthy cloth and so on (all can add spandex silk).

Main products or services: knitting;

Main industries: knitted fabric grey cloth, cotton series fabric, textile processing

Type of enterprise: limited liability company

Business mode: production and processing

Registered capital: RMB 500 thousand

Company registration: Shanghai, China

Main customers: garment factory, printing and dyeing plant

Annual turnover: RMB 7 million yuan / year - 10 million yuan / year main business location: No. 188, Lane 188, Hang Hang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai.

Major markets: Mainland

Monthly output: 60 metric tons

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Addr:        No. 10, Lane 188, Hang Hang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai