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 Guangzhou YeHu Digital Technology Co., Ltd Brand
Business Model
     Website features:   The construction of popular website is carefully designed by senior designer, with perfect visual effect. The planner analyzes the competitors of the same trade and makes the website with leading position in the same industry.   
Page range:    Infinite pages of dynamic program    

Website maintenance:   Free maintenance for one year (including content deletion and update, excluding structure change, no more than 5 times a year) more after-sales service > > 0    

Renewal in the coming year:    Domain name + space + email    

Web application:   
1. News dynamic release management system    
2. Product graphic display system    
3. Online message feedback system    
4. Talent recruitment management system    
5、   Website information integrated management system    

Other services:   Give a top-level domain name + 100m professional space + 50m enterprise mailbox + one year free service + traffic statistics + data backup
Main Products
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Liu
Addr:        Room 109, Yinyan building, 25-27 Yanling Road, He District, Guangzhou, China