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Tianjin kaikaikang Technology Co., Ltd. is a technical production-oriented enterprise specializing in the application research, production and sales of nano (Tomalin) health products. It has more than 4000 square meters of workshops under several production units. It has long-term cooperation with many domestic universities and experts, and has the most advanced nano tourmaline treatment technology in the world, We have successfully developed a series of nano tourmaline health products, including bedding, clothing, protective equipment, functional water treatment and Korean sweat room, with more than 100 varieties. We have obtained a number of national patents, and have always maintained the leading position in the industry in terms of technical content. At present, the company is the largest manufacturer of tourmaline health products in China, mainly engaged in tourmaline functional materials and nano, far-infrared, life magnetic therapy and other functional fiber textiles; Tormaline self heating protective equipment; Functional ceramic products; Super energy activated water treatment series; Tourmaline sweat room cell bath construction and technology transfer services; Provide OEM, ODM, wealth platform for big contractors, etc; And provide technical support and market guidance. Based on the R & D and application of advanced high-tech such as nano tourmaline, we always keep the innovative spirit of "you don't have me, you have me elite" with integrity rather than life. We are committed to developing green, natural, healthy and safe health care products for human body. We sincerely work with people of insight who love health to make unremitting efforts for human health.
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Contact:   Zhao Jing
Addr:        2102, block B, Golden Coast Apartment, Hebei District, Tianjin