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 National investment promotion of Badi tiger children's wear Brand
Business Model

Dongguan Badi Xiaohu Garment Co., Ltd. is located in Humen, a famous clothing town in China. The company integrates its own R & D, design, production and sales. It has a new independent factory building with a construction area of more than 60000 square meters and nearly 1500 employees. The company has accumulated investment of more than 300 million yuan and produces more than 10 million pieces of various kinds of clothing, All business elements are in the forefront of the domestic campus service industry.

Since its establishment in 2017, its children's wear brand "baditiger" has been highly praised by consumers by its light fashion product style, high-quality and low-cost market positioning, professional and efficient service as the core, relying on the company's campus clothing resources. At present, "baditiger" has become a famous brand for children aged 2-12 and one of the most potential brands for children's wear in China! In 2020, Badi Xiaohu children's wear will draw on the excellent spirit of Chinese civilization, combine traditional culture and modern fashion with ingenuity and innovative design, and write a new chapter of "new national tide" under the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

In the past 10 years, Badi Xiaohu has seized the historical opportunity brought about by China's education reform and the rapid development of campus clothing industry. It adheres to the customer-centered, striver oriented, six character mental method of "conscience, simplicity and awe" created by Badi Xiaohu people, pays close attention to quality, keeps firm and stable, and maintains the original intention of "continuous struggle, seeking happiness for employees and customers", From a private enterprise with an initial capital of only 100000 yuan, it has steadily grown into a group company with four marketing centers and four production bases.

Today, Badi Xiaohu campus service branch has spread over more than 200 prefecture level cities in China; Badi Xiaohu children's clothing stores in Guangdong Province have developed to dozens, hundreds of national exclusive stores; In response to the rapid development of the brand, the group purchased its own property Vanke cloud Plaza Badi little tiger children's clothing operation center, which was officially put into use at the end of 2019.

In the future, we will be guided by customer demand, follow the market trend for innovative research and development, so that the company's brand development will always be at the forefront of the industry, adhere to the dual drive strategic objectives of "building the first brand of Chinese children's wear" and "building the first brand of Chinese campus clothing", and keep in mind the sacred mission of "where there are children, there is a Badi tiger", Strive to achieve the grand vision of "leading the new trend of Chinese children's fashion" and "providing comprehensive clothing solutions for Chinese campus"“ Badi Xiaohu group firmly believes that through our efforts, we can not only bring healthy and comfortable, fashion and environmental protection clothing culture to children all over the country, but also create a life style that will lead the future and express national self-confidence!

Main Products
Children's wear, kindergarten clothes, sportswear, combination products, bed sheets, sheets and so on
Contact information
Contact:   Cai xingyong
Addr:   Guangdong   Dongguan   No. 45, Longyan 6 road, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province