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Wujiang bee ball silk Co., Ltd. is located in Shengze Town, the silk capital of China, which has the reputation of "ten thousand pieces of sunrise, clothing and quilt all over the world". It has beautiful environment and convenient transportation. It is only one hour away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport.
   The company was founded in 2000, mainly engaged in luggage series and clothing fabrics. After years of development, it has begun to take shape. The company has double pump double jet, double pump three jet and other high-grade looms, double twister and other equipment, complete facilities. Our factory has also set up two coating production lines, which can be processed with samples, and can also carry out various post finishing such as waterproof, PA, PU, unigel coating and PVC calendering and foaming according to customers' needs, so as to integrate the development, weaving, coating and trade, and the products have obvious competitive advantages.
   Our products have many varieties, new styles and excellent quality. They are suitable for all kinds of bags, backpacks, travel bags, clothing, baby carriages, tents, waterproof, etc.
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Contact:   Zhang Guofeng
Addr:        Shengze, Jiangsu Province, China