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Zhengzhou fully mechanized Textile Co., Ltd    No VIP Member

 Zhengzhou fully mechanized Textile Co., Ltd Brand
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Textile, clothing, shoes and hats, cloth, fabric, bedding daily necessities, curtains and accessories, daily necessities, kitchen and toilet appliances, furniture, hardware products, household appliances, handicrafts, electronic products, daily necessities, mechanical equipment, lamps and lanterns, hotel supplies, office supplies, daily necessities, window decoration materials, building materials, carpet, aluminum alloy products, doors and windows, yarn sound, paper products, Fitness equipment, plastic products, rubber products, sports goods, leather products, cloth, decorative materials, signs, environmental protection equipment, garbage cans, other chemical products.
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Contact:   Wang Jing
Addr:   Henan   Zhengzhou   Designer building, Jinyi International Textile City, No.1, middle section of Zhengshang Road, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou