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On & on, a fashion brand from South Korea, was launched by Korea Clothing Co., Ltd. in August 1992. As one of the representative korean women's wear brands, on & on is deeply loved by the majority of female consumers. The Rococo style magnificence in the free female beauty, the new concept romantism which combines the sensibility of poetry with the craftsmanship of artists, the subject of the combination of luxury and modern urban fashion in retro wood in the 1950s and 1960s, and the sense of novelty and charm in the expression of female beauty and simplified clothing.

With her inherent noble, elegant and soft design style, on & on can fully display the unique charm of modern women, and form a perfect unity with you with colorful images and personalized leisure clothes.

Since its first arrival in China in September 2000, on & on brand has not only brought a new concept of Korean wave fashion to Chinese women, but also made the life of modern Chinese women more colorful

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