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 Guangzhou Shizong Clothing Co., Ltd. (crobi / kalobi) Brand
Business Model

Guangzhou Shizong Clothing Co., Ltd Co. (registered in Bermuda) established a company and factory in Guangzhou in 2006, and introduced crobi / kaloby, a French clothing brand. With high cost performance and "diversified fashion" as its business characteristics, it is different from the current business pattern of China's single subdivision of women's clothing. It directly points to the vast domestic second and third tier market with great consumption potential.

After the introduction of crobi / kalobi into China, Shizong company has set it as a designer brand. With the careful creation of a strong design team, it combines various popular elements at home and abroad, and creates a brand-new crobi / kalobi product style with the original "diversified fashion" style. As a pathfinder of "multi fashion", crobi / kalobi can not completely subvert the development mode of single brand characteristics, but it will certainly initiate and create a new brand development mode.

Through a strong design team:

The popular elements of women, personality, lady and leisure are extracted;

It will continue the future popular trend that will be formed in the international and domestic markets;

It is sublimated to crobi / kalobi design team's self design technique;

The combination forms the crobi / kalobi "diversified fashion" mix and match style.

Four types of styles are integrated: to meet the changing consumer demand:

Elegant taste of women fashion, age span is large,

Unique personality and fashion, taste fastidious and changeable,

Playful and lovely lady fashion, fashion self mix and match,

Casual casual fashion. Pursue high cost performance.

At the same time, the company adopts the rapid operation mode of international brands, attaches importance to and increases the development of the current season. A wave of new products appear on the market every half a month. The best-selling models are quickly verified, while the unsalable ones will be expelled from the shelves, forming a smooth logistics of "goods like rotation", so as to ensure that the stores are always in a fresh and efficient sales state. Since the launch of the brand, after a period of operation and promotion, the brand has won wide praise from franchisees and consumers.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "happy entrepreneurship, self achievement, dedication to society and harmonious life",

It pursues the operation principle of "high planning, professional operation, customer priority and win-win cooperation",

Shizong company is committed to building crobi / kalobi into a leading brand of "diversified fashion" style with firm faith, striving to be strong, changeable and innovative, and leading fashion.
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Contact:   Liu Renhe
Addr:   China   China   1001-1005, building a, Shigang garden, 238 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou